Photo Gallery
The Original
Hanging on your pegboard
The new PliersRack II is designed to fit on a pegboard, stand on your workbench and fit inside your toobox drawer. We see many mechanics setting the new PliersRack II in their tool cart
The Size of the Spaces
Starting from the far left
.92 Inches X1 Space
.87 Inches X2 Spaces
.72 Inches X3 Spaces
.65 Inches X5 Spaces
.55 Inches X2 Spaces
This is the space inside
between the wires.

Part # PLR14
Red Metal Rack

Plastic rack is 25% larger than the metal rack.

Part # PLR14

Part # PLR15

Remember the  Plastic Rack is 25% larger than the metal rack.
Here is the same pliers in the metal rack. You can see the metal rack is smaller.

Barcode For PLR15