3 Pliers


Here we have a small pair of pliers with spring loaded handles, they are made by Snap On Tools and have a special nose for grabbing small round objects. In the middle are a special pair of wires cutters that have a double action jaw that doubles up the cutting power, if you want extra power to make the cut these are the pliers for you. They are made by DeWalt. Last is a simple pair of snap-ring pliers, they are a single use plier with only one function. They have small round tips that fit into the holes on snap rings.

Wire Strippers

Here are two different brands of wire strippers, they both cut wires and strip the insulation off wires. The pliers on the left also have the ability to crimp terminals onto the wires.

Wire Strippers

Cable Welding Pliers

Here we have 3 different types of specialty pliers. On the left we have cable cutters, they will cut a multi strand cable and leave a perfect cut end with no frayed wires. In the middle we have welding pliers, the tips are made for cleaning out the tip of a welding gun. On the right we have what are commonly called water pump pliers, channel lock, or pipe pliers. They are great for grabbing round objects that you need to turn. Notice all these pliers have insulated handles and will fit in your PliersRack.


These are called Vice Grips; they are also known as locking pliers because when you close them, they lock closed. They come in many different styles, shapes, and sizes. They are one of the must have pliers for your toolbox. If you need to clamp something for any reason you can probably find a special pair of these pliers that will do the job.